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2020. June 22.

Dear Visitors!

The Balatoni Museum has reopened!

Useful information


In addition to our permanent exhibitions, our exhibition entitled “Castrum Virtuale – Time Travel in the Fortress of Fenékpuszta” can be visited until September 5, 2020.

Opening hours

Rules of visit

As concerns the epidemic situation, in accordance with official measures, the Museum has enacted new rules to ensure the safety of visitors. Please observe the following rules during your visit:

  • Please use the hand sanitizer at the entrance when entering!
  • Please keep a distance of 1.5 meters!
  • Please wear a mask or shawl to cover your mouth and nose!
  • When buying tickets, only one member of the family or guests in group should join the queue.
  • If possible, please choose credit card payment instead of cash!
  • Please use the lift only when justified and observe the distance of 1.5 meters!


In order to safely visit the museum, we have taken the following measures:

  • Frequently used contact points or surfaces (e.g. door handles, stair railings) are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • A disinfectant dispenser was placed at the entrance.
  • Information on general preventive behavior can also be found at the museum entrance, on our website and on our social media page.

The Balatoni Museum would like to thank those enthusiastic people who actively followed the Museum’s online media pages throughout the 3-month closure. Our website and social media page are providing updated content for everyone!

Dear Visitors! We take the safety and security of our staff and visitors seriously, so face coverings are recommended for the protection of yourself and others.Thank you for your understanding!