Education activities at Balaton Museum

Museum education in Balaton Museum started in 2010, when the museum won its first EU museum education grant. This and the next EU grants created the bases, the infrastructural background, developed museum pedagogy programs and cooperation projects with educational institutions.


There are two parts of the education activities in the museum. One of them is specifically related to education, the other is organizing cultural programs primarily aimed at families. When creating our education programs, our endeavor is to make them useful and enjoyable for every member of the public education. In order to achieve this, permanent exhibitions, diverse current exhibitions and our collections (15 types) are essential. Based on these, we create our museum education offers by having constant consultation with educators and paying attention to the subject linkages.
Our target group and offer:

1. Kindergarteners:

We pay special attention to this age group. Children are very susceptible to learn at the age of 3-7. It is significant to give strong basis to children at this age, so they can thrive in the rest of their lives. That’s why it is important to educate children to love museums. Everything is offered for them in a playful way here and they not only get to like the museum as an institution, but the knowledge of their environment expands. We worked out a topic week for this age group. It’s called “Cognition of the surrounding world” and it lasts for four days. Throughout these four days we teach not only about fauna and flora, but special events of the year, for example Easter and Christmas. Children get to know folk customs, traditions and do craft activities such as hand-painted eggs.

2. Primary school pupils:

Students at the age of 7-11 learn in detail about living and nonliving environment in the context of formal education. Therefore we organize a topic day in the museum called “Fauna and Flora of Lake Balaton”. Children learn more about their surroundings and during a game called “Bathing life at Lake Balaton” they learn about the development of bathing culture.
The teaching of students in the museum at the age of 12-14 has been closely linked to the school curricular requirements. The museum deepens and expands their knowledge. “The story of writing” theme day and „Castles around Lake Balaton” game are related to history. We organize “Bathing life at Lake Balaton” game for this age group as well. They learn about ethnography by participating in another program called „Region and people of Lake Balaton”.

3. Secondary school pupils:

Students at the age of 14-18 learn in details the periods of history, thus the museum’s programs are more specialized. There are two separate programs. One of them is about the ancient age concentrating on Romans. The other is getting to know the middle ages through studying castles. As high school students have a decision to make about their career, we offer a lesson called „I will be an archeologist” in order to support and help them.
In case of demand we give presentations about the protection of cultural values for undergraduates. Our methodology is to endeavor to do cooperative work; we pay attention to experience-based learning. Our goal is to develop more key competences. We provide three types of pamphlet, which you can use to explore our permanent exhibition called „Golden Bridge” individually or in groups. In order to make our presentations unique we have demonstration tools such as castle models, preparation, dress reconstruction, costumes, maps, tableaus and wide variety of games. We organize camps for school holidays. In the summer there are „Indiana Jones”, natural science and archeology camp, which is in English. During the autumn holidays we offer our „Autumn camp” with exciting activities such as trips and pumpkin carving. In our Easter camp children learn about the habits related to the event and do crafts.


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