Postcard Collection

Balaton Museum has collected mainly Balaton and its regions related postcards since the turn of the century.

The museum's postcard collection is a part of the historical collection. Currently there are 22552 postcards in the collection. The collection, which consists of postcards of lakeside settlements, is arranged in order of the names of the towns. The earliest postcards are from the end of the 19th century. The museum bought thousands of postcards from one of the most notable private collectors, Árpád Kassai. These are mostly Keszthely and Balaton related.
Besides landscape related cards, we have some so-called occasional postcards, which are from the heritage of Atala Barabás Pletzgerné. Unfortunately, the price of postcards has gone up during the last couple of years, therefore due to lack of financial support we can't ensure the continuous enlargement of the collection. In addition, today's postcards may not represent such documentative value compared to the old ones. Because of emails, the use of postcards has faded into the background. Although messaging through email is quick and cheap, it's not permanent. Having a postcard years later in your hands may bring back a nice, nostalgic feeling.

Some postcards are displayed in our permanent exhibition, called the „Golden Bridge”. For those, who like to research the past in books, we recommend a book titled Keszthely in old postcards (Keszthely régi képeslapokon).

In case you would like to do research in the collection, connect the coordinator!
Collection coordinator: Dr. P. Barna Judit archeologist
Research policy and research license can be found here.

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