International archeological conference in Czech Republic

Our archeologist, Dr. Judit P. Barna was invited to the international archeological conference between 09.15-18. 2014. in Moravske Budĕjovice, Csecz Republic.

The conference titled „Centenary of Jaroslav Palliardi ́s Neolithic and Aeneolithic Relative Chronology“ materialized on the occasion of the centenary of influential chronological system's publication, which is still relevantly elemental to the study of Central Europe's prehistory.
Archeologists Judit P. Barna and Emília Pásztor gave a presentation on the current results of the research about Late Neolithic round ditch systems in Zala County done by the interdisciplinary research group organized to research ancient earthworks.
The presentations of the conference were recorded and the written versions are published in a conference volume by the organizer: University of Hradec Kralové.
The success of the participation is shown by how the reasearch group of Zala County gained good cooperating partners to an international research program, which – in case of a successful tender – will examine the settlement system of neolithic/copper Lengyel culture; and sacral places, the so-called round ditch systems. For this project, it is planned that our partners are going to be the Archeology Departments of the Slovak Nitra and Czech University of Hradec Kralové; and also Museum of Krakow.

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