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You can also access the most exciting items from the museum’s collections of hundreds of thousands of items online. Click on the link of the collection you are interested in and immerse yourself in our knowledge base about Lake Balaton!

One of our largest and most frequently researched collections is the Digital Postcard and the Photo Collections.

In cooperation with Keszthely Television, the Online Keszthely video library is constantly growing. Here you can not only search for individual recordings, but also view archive content that interests you.

The artefacts of our archeological, ethnographic and historical collections are presented in the MuseuMap database. The 3D collection of the Balatoni Museum makes selections from the same collections, where you can view and rotate the objects in 3D.

We are building and publishing the above databases in the Hungarian National Digital Archive with the help of Forum Hungaricum Nonprofit Kft.

Our latest database belongs to our ethnographic visual store called “Balaton Treasure Store”.

The most beautiful artefacts of the ethnographic collection of the Balatoni Museum are available in this treasury.