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For group visitors, we recommend an organized tour to discover the secrets of Lake Balaton. We advise you to contact us in advance for a reservation.

Organized programs

We will give each group of 15 people a free ticket as a gift to their tour guide or driver.

Groups can pay in cash, by bank card or SZÉP card at the cashdesk next to the entrance upon arrival. Alternatively, you may pay a lump sum in advance by bank transfer, after which we issue an invoice.

We like pre-announced visits

We prefer to know in advance if a group of 10 or more people will visit us. Therefore, we ask the groups to announce their planned visits in advance.

We love regular visitors

Do you visit our Museum regularly with groups? We do really appreciate that! Maybe, we could organize some customized programs for you? Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details.

The ideal group size

We would like to inform the guides and groups that the ideal number of visitors in a group is no more than 20 people. The reason is that some of our rooms are too small for larger groups to enjoy the exhibition. Considering the ideal group size, we arrange the guided tours of more than 20 people into smaller groups. It is important to know that the guided tour fee is paid per group.

Parking by bus

Groups arriving by bus can also get off the bus directly in front of the Museum at a pre-arranged time. The bus driver can then park on one of the streets around the Museum. You should contact us before arrival to make sure there is a parking space available for the bus.