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Only a person with a valid research permit may carry out research work in the databank, artefact registers and collection stores of the Balatoni Museum.

Research permit must be requested in writing in advance. The research permit shall be issued by the director of the museum within 15 days after the submission of the application, taking into account the opinion of the head of the collection concerned.

The institution shall have 5 working days from the date of the request to make the requested material available.

No research permit may be issued pursuant to Article 47/2001. (III. 27.) on research that can be carried out in museum institutions; (III. 27.) in the cases listed in Section 5 (1), or the issue of a permit may be refused in accordance with Section 3 (2), Section 4 (2), Section 5 (2), (3) of the Article, and (4), and § 6, and in the case of archival materials, the provisions of Act LXVI of 1995. subject to the provisions of this Act.

The research permit is valid together with the researcher’s declaration, in which the researcher confirms by signing that he / she knows and complies with the research regulations of the Balatoni Museum, acknowledges the rules on copyright protection, publication restrictions and citation, and undertakes to send bibliographic data of subsequent publications using the material to the Museum’s databank. The research permit may not be transferred to another person.

Between August 1-31 of each year, the research service in our institution is suspended.

Please send the completed permit application to the email address info@balatonimuzeum.hu or bring it personally for the research.

Persons responsible for collections

Collection Person
Archaeological collection Bálint Havasi
Ethnographic collection Szilvia Gyanó
Numismatic collection Gabriella Haász
History documentation collection Gabriella Haász
Natural history collection Péter Németh
Map library Gabriella Haász
Photo collection

and database

Gabriella Haász (Photo collection)

/ Katalin Major (database)

Postcard collection Gabriella Haász
Small graphic collection Gabriella Haász
Fine art collection Gabriella Haász
Applied art collection Gabriella Haász
Local history collection Gabriella Haász
Weapons collection Gabriella Haász
Anthropological collection

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