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By purchasing a ticket and entering the territory of the Balatoni Museum, the visitors of the Balatoni Museum shall observe the provisions of the Visitors’ Policy as binding on them.

​You can visit the museum with a valid ticket. Ticket price discounts cannot be combined. Those who are entitled to more than one discount can decide which discount to apply before buying a ticket.

Cloack room

Using the cloakroom is optional, but recommended and free. Please leave your luggage, backpack of any size, umbrella and sidebag or handbag larger than 30 × 40 × 20 cm in the cloakroom! Moreover, it is forbidden to bring bottles, food, drink, live animals (except guide dogs), stabbing and cutting tools, or anything that endangers the physical integrity, safety or condition of the artefacts, visitors and staff into the exhibition space. (If only medically justified, liquid up to 0.5 liters may be carried in a bag).

Eating, smoking

Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the Museum’s exhibition areas. Food and drink are only allowed in the reception hall and in the museum garden.
The exhibited artefacts and showcases must not be touched for safety and art protection reasons. Except where it is expressly permitted. The exhibition area and its equipment must be used as intended.

Photography, video recording

The recordings are for personal use only and may not be commercialized.
Photo ticket: HUF 500

Mobile phone

Please do not disturb other visitors in the exhibition halls by loud speech, turn down your mobile phone and do not use it for conversation.

Lift usage

The use of the lift is primarily intended for people with reduced mobility, with strollers and problems using stairs. Please only use the lift if necessary!

Visit with a small child

The Balatoni Museum heartily welcomes children, but for personal and artefact safety reasons, it is essential to follow the rules below. Infants under the age of two may only be brought into the exhibition area in a stroller or in a carrier fixed to the front of the body. The stroller must only be pushed and cannot be carried in hand when folded. Carrying a child of any age on the neck or back is not permitted for safety reasons. The accompanying adult is responsible for the minor.

Group and family visit

The group leader, accompanying teacher or parent bears responsibility that each member of the group should observe the rules to visitors.
The parent or an adult companion bears responsibility to ensure that the child should observe the integrity of the artefacts and use the exhibition area and its furnishings as intended. The parent or adult companion is also responsible for the juvenile’s physical integrity.


Smoking and the use of electric cigarettes are prohibited in the entire area of ​​the Balatoni Museum and the museum garden. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas outside the building.

Wheelchair accessibility

The exhibitions of the Balatoni Museum can be visited without obstacles with the help of personal lift and elevator.

Closing order

The cashdesk closes half an hour before the Museum closes. Please leave the exhibition halls at least ten minutes before closing time.

Lost items

The Museum is not responsible for lost valuables. In case of found or lost valuables, please inform the reception. Items that have not been redeemed by their owner for 6 months will be discarded or donated to charity by the Museum.

Thank you for your cooperation in preserving our values!