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Visiting the Balatoni Museum is a great fun! We are proud that we can provide meaningful entertainment for a whole family even in the 21st century.

Families pay less

We offer concessions for families. Look here for more information about our ticket prices.

Family and child friendly museum

We have dedicated a separate room in the Museum for children to unleash their creative genius through playful activities. They can show their virtuoso drawing skills, or hide in the skin of an old peasant family to take photos of the whole family.

We have hidden tiny, interactive games at various points in the Museum.

Scattered throughout the building, more than 50 bean bags provide rest if someone feels like relaxing.

The Museum has a play area, a changing room and a playground in our yard.

Treasure hunt game

Alien creatures have invaded the Museum! They are hungry for knowledge, and you can help them get it. Use your mobile phone to search for knowledge in the Museum and develop your characters to become masters.

If you are good, you will become the Honorary Director of the Museum!

Family days

Our family days are tied to the seasons, holidays, school holidays and have always been very popular. Watch out for the family days in our programs!

Summer children’s camps

Our summer children’s camps concentrate on natural, historical, ethnographic and archeological themes. The programs of these 5-day camps include learning about the Museum’s exhibitions, as well as playful, creative activities and excursions. You should apply for our summer camps as soon as possible, because the vacancies fill up very quickly.

Celebrate your birthday at the Balatoni Museum!

If the celebrant is under 10 and you want to have a birthday party at our Museum, then we will have some good news for you! We offer a variety of options to choose from, and of course we will give a special gift to the birthday celebrant. Contact us to discuss all the possibilities.