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General publication list of the Balatoni Museum / Data of public interest

Basic data of the Balatoni Museum (tax number, authorisationauthorization number, CSO statistical number, article of association)

I. Organizational and personal data

I.1. Official name, registered office, postal address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, website of the body performing the public task

  • Balatoni Museum  
  • Address: 8360 Keszthely, Múzeum u. 2.
  • Tel .: +36 83 / 312-351
  • E-mail: info@balatonimuzeum.hu
  • Web: www.balatonimuzeum.hu

I.2. Organizational structure of the body performing the public task with designation of organizational units, tasks of each organizational unit

See: Organizational and Operational Regulations of the Balatoni Museum – 2016

I.3. Names, positions and contact details of the heads of the body performing the public task and the heads of the individual organizational units (telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address)

Péter Németh
Deputy museum director
Tel .: +36 83 / 312-351
E-mail: peter.nemeth@balatonimuzeum.hu

The economic administration tasks of the Balatoni Museum are performed by the Economic Supply Organization Keszthely (abbreviated name: GESZ Keszthely).

Address: 8360 Keszthely, Kísérleti u. 10 / a;
Phone: + 36 / 83-777-520
Fax: + 36 / 83-777-521
E-mail: titkarsag@geszkeszthely.hu

Registrar, Finance manager
Krisztina Szabó
Phone: + 36 / 83-777-520
E-mail: gazdasagivezeto@geszkeszthely.hu

I.4. Name of the other public service bodies under the direction, supervision or control of the public service body or operating under its authority, and details as specified in point 1

I.5. Details of the superior or supervisory body of the body performing the public task, failing which the body exercising control over the legality of the body performing the public task specified in point 1

Municipality of Keszthely Town (8360 Keszthely, Fő tér 1)

II. Activity and operation data

II.1. The current and complete text of the basic legal acts, other legal instruments of state administration, as well as the organizational and operational regulations or rules of procedure defining the task, competence and basic activity of the body performing public tasks

Act CXL of 1997 on the Protection of Cultural Property and Museum Institutions, Public Library Services and Public Education.
Act LXIV of 2001 on the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

Organizational and Operational Regulations of the Balatoni Museum – 2016

II.2. Name and content of the public services provided by the body performing the public task or financed from its budget, the procedure for the use of the public services, the amount of the fee to be paid for the public service, the discounts granted therefrom

Museum service

  • operation of exhibitions: they can be viewed according to the opening hours, admission according to the current fees
  • museum library: institutional specialist library, it can be visited by prior arrangement, free of charge
  • museum database: it can be searched by prior registration and research permit, free of charge
  • museum specialist collections: they can be researched by prior registration and research permit, free of charge

See: Terms of Use of the Library

II.3. The list of databases and registers maintained by the body performing the public task, the registers to be reported to the data protection register are listed in the Data Protection Act, identification data pursuant to § 28; the types of data collected and processed by the public service body in the framework of its core business, the method of access
See: Decree No. 20/2002 (X. 4.) of the Minister of National Cultural Heritage by the Ministry of the National Cultural Heritage on the regulations of opening hoourshours of museum institutions;
Government Decree 47/2001. (III. 27.) on research that can be carried out in museum institutions;
Research regulations

II.4. The title and subject matter of the publications of the body performing the public task, the method of access, the free of charge of the publication and the amount of expenses

Balatoni Museum booklets

II.5. Public findings of inspections and audits related to the core business of a body performing a public task

Report on the review of the operation and management of Balatoni Museum

II.6. The procedure for public interest information disclosure, the name and contact details of the competent organizational unit

See: Public Interest Information Disclosure Policy
Annex 1 to the Regulations on disclosure of data of public interest (Application Form)

Balatoni Museum
Tel .: +36 83 / 312-351
E-mail: titkarsag@balatonimuzeum.hu

II.7. Results of statutory statistical data collection on the activities of the body performing public tasks, their change over time

Statistical data provision for 2019

III. Management data

III.1. Annual (elementary) budget of the body performing the public task, report according to the Accounting Act; reports on the implementation of the budget, in the manner and with the frequency specified in a separate legal act

Interim balance sheet report 2017
Annual budget report 2017
Interim balance sheet report 2018
Annual budget report 2018
Annual budget report 2019

III.2. Aggregate data on the number of employees and personal allowances of employees of the public service body, and in aggregate the salaries, wages and regular allowances of managers and senior officials, as well as reimbursement, type and amount of allowances granted to other employees in aggregate

III.3. Name (type) of contracts for the supply of goods, works, orders for services, sale of assets, utilization of assets, transfer of rights to property or assets, as well as concessions related to the use of public funds, the names of the parties to the contract, the value of the contract and, in the case of a fixed-term contract, its duration.

See the public procurements of the “Balaton Treasury” (EFOP-4.1.9-16-2017-00052) tender