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If your class goes on a trip to Keszthely or you are a student in the area, a visit to the Balatoni Museum offers many possibilities.

We prefer the prior registration of the organizers so that we can provide all the information and assistance to make the visit run smoothly and meaningfully.

If your class is going on a trip to Keszthely

Our museum educators lead our programs, and offer meaningful and exciting entertainment from preschool to secondary school generations. Children can learn about the natural treasures and cultural heritage of Lake Balaton during a presentation that matches the interest of each age group.

Moreover, we give free complimentary tickets to the teachers accompanying the class. The ticket for students is 1.000 HUF / person. The guided tour lasts 60 minutes, and the guided tour fee in Hungarian is HUF 4.500 / group (excluding the price of the entrance ticket). For reservations or further information, please contact us (at least 5 working days before your planned visit).

Classes arriving by bus

Groups arriving by bus can also get off the bus directly in front of the Museum at a pre-arranged time. The bus driver can then park on one of the streets around the Museum. Please contact us in advance to make sure that there is available parking space for the bus.

Collaboration with nearby schools

If you are a citizen of Keszthely, a thorough knowledge of Lake Balaton is almost a must. Therefore, we have invented a pass for the schools of this area. These passes are much cheaper than our current museum education programs.

Passes can be used for any museum program. The topic and duration of the activities should always be agreed in advance with our museum educator colleague.