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Our museum was established in order to raise the cult of Lake Balaton. Ever since our goals have remained the same, yet modern: we research and publicize the “Hungarian sea” by collecting, preserving, processing and presenting the natural values of Lake Balaton and its region.

As a multifunctional cultural institution we are more than a building demonstrating memories and values of old ages.

We would like to inspire our visitors regardless of age to not only passively learn, but actively enjoy the culture, scientific achievements and traditions to better understand our common past, themselves and the world.

In order to achieve this besides our collection-based exhibitions we give home to diverse fine and folk arts, musical, literary, educational and social events.

We work to give lifelong, experience-based learning; we present responsibly collected, preserved, stored impressively rich material relating to Lake Balaton to save this for future generation, thus supporting the continuity of culture and enhancing its esteem.

Our museum provides a comprehensive and public context in order to understand the environmental and social changes of the Balaton region, so that to foster the creation of a society that lives in a sustainable way, unity with nature.

Because future without the past can vanish.

We do everything to make our institution be not only informative and professional, but also a welcoming, family friendly, service-oriented, inclusive community space full of life.

Balaton Museum is an intellectual interchange and a knowledge base related to Lake Balaton not only for Keszthely, but for the whole Central Transdanubian region.

According to our philosophy, our museum’s passion is to expand knowledge and make its material public domain, keep dynamic balance between conservation and renewal and have eternal challenge of development.