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Temporary exhibition

Castrum Virtuale – Time travel in the Castrum of Keszthely-Fenékpuszta

  September 14, 2019 to September 5, 2020 Római kor3D reconstructionTime travelFenékpusztaArchitectural plan
Permanent exhibition

Fish from Lake Balaton

A 3000 liter aquarium will help you see the underwater world of Lake Balaton, and get acquainted with native and acclimated fish species. All year round Fish speciesCatfishPikeWalleyeSügérMeagreAquarium
Permanent exhibition

Formation and geology of Lake Balaton

You will embark on a time travel spanning millions of years, you will get to know the development of the diverse, colorful landscape surrounding Lake Balaton and the lake itself. All year round FossilsTectonic movementsTó keletkezéseRocksRock petting
Permanent exhibition

Lake Balaton and people

The relationship between Lake Balaton and people dates back thousands of years. Our exhibition explores long-forgotten cultures. All year round Stone AgeCeramics artŐskori tömegsírZsilipRéz diadém
Permanent exhibition

The flora and fauna of Lake Balaton

Get acquainted with the wildlife of Lake Balaton! In dioramas and large tableaus you can marvel at the diverse flora and fauna of Lake Balaton. All year round Bird speciesNövényvilágKingfisherFish speciesAnimalsKing of the fishesRóka
Permanent exhibition

Castles around Lake Balaton

We also present existing castles and forgotten Roman and medieval fortifications in our exhibition. All year round Middle AgeBronze Age3D mapRómai korVaskorArmsVárak
Permanent exhibition

Lake Balaton fishing

The fish of Lake Balaton were not absent from the “menu” of the people who lived here thousands of years ago. Let’s learn about the craft of fishing! All year round HookSzigonySoul-loserFish bonesFishing guildDugout pirogue
Permanent exhibition

Sports at Lake Balaton

The holiday at Lake Balaton has long included sports: sailing, water skiing, volleyball, table tennis, badminton… All year round VitorlázásRowingPingpongSkatingTeniszSportTollas
Permanent exhibition

Lake Balaton tourism

Zimmer Feri, socialist riviera – let’s relive the retro feeling of life at Lake Balaton! All year round Szocialista riviéraCabinBathhouseZimmer FeriStrandBalaton retro
Permanent exhibition

Balaton bathing culture

How long have people been bathing in Lake Balaton? Our exhibition follows the development of the Balaton bathing culture. All year round BikiniZánkaScoutHévízÚttörőBalatonfüredÚszógumi
Permanent exhibition

Sailing on Lake Balaton

Our exhibition traces the history of sailing on Lake Balaton from Roman times to the present day. All year round Oldest sailing bargeSteamshipBiggest sailing bargeCount István Széchenyi
Permanent exhibition

What the stones tell a story about

During your walk in the Lapidarium, the Roman and medieval past of Lake Balaton and Zala County come to life before you. All year round Római császárokGothicMiddle AgeRómai korReneszánszLapidarium
Permanent exhibition

János Halápy memorial room

Take a look at the works of the painter, whose life and art were intertwined with the Lake Balaton region! All year round Balaton areaPaintingJános HalápyMemorial room

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