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Recreation at Lake Balaton has long included sports. Looking at the exhibited sports relics and sports equipments, we can easily get in the mood for a little movement ourselves!

When did the sports clubs organize the first sports competitions at Lake Balaton?

The first sports clubs in Balatonfüred and Keszthely organized competitions from the1880s. In addition to the most popular water sports – rowing, sailing, ice skating, swimming – tennis also attracted a large group of company. So, it’s no coincidence that a lady wearing a 1930s tennis suit is just smiling at us from one of the showcases.

In the 1930s and 1940s, the regular International Sports Week was enriched by demonstrations of automobile, motorcycle, airplane, speedboat. From the 1950s onwards, during the period of reviving Lake Balaton tourism, usable sports equipment and games for rent on the beaches and in holiday homes were in high demand, and water skiing, water polo, volleyball, table tennis and skittles were included in the summer entertainment. The popularity of Balaton cross-swimming has increased since the 1980s.

In addition to sports medals, sports equipment and sportswear, the photos and announcements of Balaton sporting events also demonstrate the diversity of the sports life of Lake Balaton.