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The Balatoni Museum brings nature really close: you can peek into the underwater world of Lake Balaton not only in dioramas, but also in a real aquarium.

Do you know that pike perch is also called the king of Lake Balaton fish?

Ascending the stairs from the great hall, a 3,000-liter, uniquely designed aquarium awaits our visitors. Here we present the native, aclimatedacclimated or introduced fish species living in the lake. We aim to present them in their natural environment.

On the left side of the aquarium, you can see a section of the muddy, reedy shore hiding the remains of living creatures, and archeological remains in many places, while on the right side you can see the water world of stalky reeds.

Dear Visitors! Due to the coronavirus outbreak we are following government guidelines to keep the Balaton Museum closed from 11/11/2020 until further notice. Thank you for your patience! Take care of each other!