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Get acquainted with the wildlife of Lake Balaton: in dioramas and giant tableaus you can marvel at the varied flora and fauna of the lake and its surroundings.

How many fish species live in Lake Balaton and its catchment system?

Walking through the room, you will find yourself first in the water and then in the wet, fresh and dry habitats. After the aquarium – less nimble, but in greater numbers – the characteristic fish species of Lake Balaton also appear. Surprisingly, there are almost half a hundred fish species living in Lake Balaton and its catchment system. Did you know that pike perch is also called the king of Lake Balaton fish? You will see it here! In our diorama you can look wolf-eyed with the excellent-sighted pike which can digest a metal hook, and we will also show you the long-musted, and large-bodied catfish which can drag down birds floating on the water.

Our second diorama shows the coastal reeds. Here, among other things, you can observe birds such as the gluttonous cormorant, the colorful kingfisher, the whistling duck, or the white stork which adapts well to humans. We also present a number of highly protected creatures, such as the ibis, the common snipe, the little egret, the gypsy duck and the great egret.

As you walk through the exhibition space, moving away from the wetlands, you arrive at the dry meadows. It is home to the highly protected, large-bodied bustards, and its smaller relative, the copper bustard that prefers tall grassland or grain fields.

Then you will take a look at the wildlife of the forest. The dominant forest association of the Balaton Uplands is the oak family, where in addition to big game, there are many bird species – such as the wood owl, the great woodpecker – and important habitats for the insect world as well. In our life picture, you can observe many creatures, from a resting weasel, a migratory falcon heading for prey, or playful fox cubs and a large woodpecker looking for insects.

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