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Balaton MuseumCome to the museum and we'll tell you all about it!
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Balaton MuseumWho is the most successful fisherman of Lake Balaton? Come to the museum and discover the wildlife of Lake Balaton!
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Balaton MuseumHow long is the longest pier on Lake Balaton? Come to the museum to find out more interesting things!
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Balaton MuseumWhich is the oldest and longest go-around-the-lake race in Europe? Come to the museum and we'll tell you all about it!

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Visitors reviews

  • It was really interesting to learn about the history of the area, as well as information about geology, flora and fauna, etc. It’s sad to learn about man’s intervention with the natural water table and that the lake will not likely exist in only a few more generations. The museum is a nice facility and worth the time to see.cyclejam
  • You can learn a lot about Balaton and Keszthely area, always you can find interesting temporary exibitions.Dragan T
  • We enjoyed this museum. Interesting displays explaining the history of Balaton with good English. It’ll only take you an hour or two to explore it, but you should enjoy it.Bill T
What’s on

Exhibitions & programmmes

Permanent exhibition

The flora and fauna of Lake Balaton

Get acquainted with the wildlife of Lake Balaton! In dioramas and large tableaus you can marvel at the diverse flora and fauna of Lake Balaton. All year round King of the fishesAnimalsKingfisherFish speciesFoxBird speciesFlora
Permanent exhibition

Fish from Lake Balaton

A 3000 liter aquarium will help you see the underwater world of Lake Balaton, and get acquainted with native and acclimated fish species. All year round Fish speciesPerchPikeWalleyeMeagreAquariumCatfish
Permanent exhibition

Formation and geology of Lake Balaton

You will embark on a time travel spanning millions of years, you will get to know the development of the diverse, colorful landscape surrounding Lake Balaton and the lake itself. All year round RocksTectonic movementsThe formation of the lakeRock pettingFossils

For visitors

Experience the atmosphere of the old holidays at Lake Balaton ! Discover the secrets of Lake Balaton! We welcome everyone with more than 700 square meters, 10,000 artefacts, interactive games and surprises!

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About the Museum

For more than 100 years, the “Hungarian Sea” has been our passion. Learn more about what we do, about our collections, our library, our services. Contact us!

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